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Simple, practical, personal finance for everyone. Improve your financial I.Q. where you need it and get life changing thoughts and practical financial advice for real world situations. Learn how to apply your knowledge so you make good quality financial decisions and live your best life.
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About Darrin Surminsky

Darrin has worked as a Chartered Accountant and Trustee in Bankruptcy for over 20 years. During this time he has assisted thousands of clients just like you to get Money-Smart and transform into confident and knowledgeable financial decision makers. Darrin's true passion is coaching and helping people achieve life-changing benefits by sharing his simple, practical personal finance strategies and behavioral coaching. Improving your financial health and achieving your financial goals is not an event, it's a journey. Darrin looks forward to sharing his unique insights into personal finance to encourage you, challenge you and inspire you on your financial journey. Darrin's goal is to help you get better with money, make smarter choices and live your best life.
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Husband, Father, Chartered Accountant, Trustee in Bnkruptcy, Instructor, Behavioral coach, Writer. 
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