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Are your finances in good shape? Being aware of your financial health is a great starting point to assess how well you are progressing financially. 
 Check your financial vital signs and know instantly how you compare with a personalized financial health assessment. Understand how the quality of the financial decisions you're making play a very important part of achieving financial success. Get insights and guidance on how to improve your financial health so you can live your best life. 
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Darrin Surminsky, CPA, Bankruptcy Trustee, is on a mission to help people get better with money, make smarter financial choices, and live their best lives.

Are you sick and tired of worrying about your finances?  Do you feel like you're not getting ahead and stuck on a treadmill? Do you wonder if you have too much debt or if you are saving enough?  Or maybe you just want a check up so you know how you are doing compared to the average Canadian.

Money isn’t the only thing that matters, but it does matter to all of us, a lot. Financial improvement can be hard, but our financial health assessment makes it easy. Dealing with money can seem so complicated, and often you hear conflicting advice. It can be frustrating, and everything ends up being harder than it should be. That’s where our financial health assessment comes in.

Your assessment and results will lead you to a better understanding:
► How your income and spending compare to the average Canadian for your age and family size
If your monthly cash flow is in balance or negative     
How much you spend on needs vs wants     
If your cost of living is too high      
If you have too much debt
If your saving enough   
If your retirement savings fund is on track to meet your goals     
The adequacy of your life and disability insurance
How to check and assess your credit score 
When you complete your financial health check up you will receive a custom report that assesses all your financial health vital signs so there is no more guesswork. You will know exactly how you are doing financially and which areas you need to work on to improve your financial health.

What's included

Income range assessment
Have your family income assessed to see what range you fall into compared to the average for your age and family size.    
Monthly cash flow balance
Your cash flow is calculated to determine if your spending fits your income or are you cash flow negative and have to use debt. 
Spending analysis grouped by expense category and comparison to the average Canadian
Know where your money goes and see how your spending on each category compares to the average Canadian.
Your Spending categorized into needs, wants, debt and savings and comparison to the average Canadian
Have your spending allocated into the categories of needs, wants, debt and savings and compare your allocations to the target for your age and family size.
Roadmap of recommended spending allocations for each decade of your life
Learn how your spending allocations between needs, wants, debt and savings will change with each decade of your life. 
Debt service ratio calculation and assessment of your debt level
Have your debt service ratio calculated and learn how much debt is too much for your age and family size.    
Monthly savings rate assessment compared to the target for your age and family size
Your savings rate is calculated and compared to target for your age and family size.  
Retirement fund assessment, are you on track? 
Find out if you are on track with your retirement savings for your age and family size to meet your goals. 
Net worth assessment
Find out how your net worth compares to the average Canadian household for your age range. 
Assessment on the adequacy of your life and disability insurance
Find out if you have enough insurance coverage to avoid putting your future at risk.        
How to check your credit score and assess if it is good
Learn a quick and easy way to check your credit score for free and assess your credit score grade.
Do you make good quality financial decisions? 
Assess your decision making in all 4 key pillars of personal finance: spending, borrowing, investing, and risk management. 

Frequently asked questions

Is my assessment personalized for my financial situation or just general advice? 

Yes this is an assessment of your personal financial vital statistics compared to average Canadian results and to targets for your age and family size. 

How long does the assessment take to complete? 

The assessment will require you to enter your monthly income and expenses, once you know your amounts it will take between 10-15 minutes to enter. 

How do I receive my results? 

Once you submit your completed financial form you will receive an email with your personalized PDF report which details our assessment of all your financial vital statistics. 

What do I do with my results?  

The financial health assessment will identify any areas of concern that you need to address. We suggest you seek the assistance of a trusted professional advisor before taking any actions.  If you are interested in improving your financial knowledge or you want to learn how to change your behavior to get results, then we recommend you take our course Money-Smart - Personal Finance for everyone. This course will help you identify the "why" you do the things you do and improve your financial I.Q. so you can make better financial decisions and live a richer, happier more meaningful life. 

About Darrin Surminsky

Darrin has worked as a Chartered Accountant and Trustee in Bankruptcy for over 20 years. During this time he has assisted thousands of clients just like you to get Money-Smart and transform into confident and knowledgeable financial decision makers. Darrin's true passion is coaching and helping people achieve life-changing benefits by sharing his simple, practical personal finance strategies and behavioral coaching. Improving your financial health and achieving your financial goals is not an event, it's a journey. Darrin looks forward to sharing his unique insights into personal finance to encourage you, challenge you and inspire you on your financial journey. Darrin's goal is to help you get better with money, make smarter choices and live your best life. 
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